Jeff-Craig Fire & Rescue

Incident Information

Date of Incident:


People Involved in Providing Assistance to Incident:

Deputy Chief William Leap
Captain Alex Paradise
Firefighter Eric Dalrymple
Firefighter Jeremy Harsin
Firefighter/Paramedic Zack Brogan
Firefighter/EMT Glenn Scott
Firefighter/EMT Chris Clerkin
Firefighter/EMT Paul Parson
Firefighter Dustin Higgins
Firefighter Tommy Sullivan
Firefighter/EMT Troy Stafford
Firefighter John Stafford
Firefighter/EMT Lisa Clerkin

Description of Incident:

My name is Chris See, I am the fire chief of Jeff-Craig Fire & Rescue located in Southeast Indiana. I would like to nominate our crews for an outstanding extrication that required technical rescue this past weekend for the Amkus Star Award. This past Saturday morning, emergency responders with Jeff-Craig Fire & Rescue responded to a MVA with entrapment. Upon arrival the car was over a guardrail and approximately 30ft down over an embankment. The 1995 Chevy Camaro had hit several trees and was laying in the creek. The impact was enough to break the back of the driver seat. A 16 year old female patient was trapped in the vehicle. Emergency responders took extrication equipment, including Amkus tools, and medical supplies down into the creek to complete the rescue. Fire crews were able to position the fire apparatus so that Amkus reel cords from Engine 3 were just long enough to reach the vehicle. After several minutes of extrication the patient was removed and brought to the roadway with the use of a stokes basket. The patient was then immediately air lifted to a Trauma Center in Cincinnati, OH. Our fire department later learned that the patient had a broken jaw in two places, a broken neck in two places, a ruptured spleen, and torn lung. The patient is looking to make a full recovery with surgery and therapy. Our crews were praised by medical staff and family, and advised that their safe extrication and medical care onscene helped to save her life.

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