Life is the most precious possession we have.

Our mission is to give rescuers the tools to save lives. We work to create the best rescue systems for this lofty goal. Only tools of the highest quality are good enough. Nothing else. At AMKUS, quality means life!

Racetrack Rescue Tools for Sale!

Would you like to own the AMKUS equipment used at your favorite racetrack? We now have a supply of equipment that has been used at various tracks across the country. Contact your local Dealer to see which tools are still available at a special discount from the track of your choice!

Chicagoland Speedway- 30 Rams, 40 Rams, 21A cutters, 30CRT Spreaders, GH2S2-XLNT Power Units

Martinsville Speedway- 21A Cutters, 30CRT Spreader, GB2S-STD Power Unit

Daytona International Speedway- 21A Cutters, 30CRT Spreader

Talladega SuperSpeedway- 21A Cutters

Richmond Intl. Raceway- 21A Cutters, 30CRT Spreader, GB2S-STD Power Units

California Speedway- 21A Cutters, 30CRT Spreader, GH2S2-XLNT Power Units

Homestead-Miami Speedway- 21A Cutters, 30CRT Spreader, GB2S-STD Power Units

Phoenix Intl. Raceway- 21A Cutters, 30CRT Spreader, GH2S2-XLNT Power Units

The HGAC (Houston Galveston Area Council) is a group procurement service that is available nationwide. All units of local government are eligible to join. HGAC’s goal is to make the governmental procurement process more efficient by establishing competitively priced contracts for goods and services.

Effective August 1, 2015 AMKUS became active with HGAC on contract number EE08-15. A selection of our equipment is now listed on the contract so customers who are members can buy off the contract. Click here for more information visit http://

Need Grant Money?

AMKUS now offers grant assistance programs in partnership with The team at FireGrantsHelp will provide you with custom grant research, grant application help and grant consulting services for your rescue tool grant project.

Fill out the lead form to get started with this complementary program.

Customer Feedback Survey

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