West End Fire Co. #3 Sheridan

Incident Information

Date of Incident:


People Involved in Providing Assistance to Incident:

Larry A Shutt- Fire Chief/EMT
David Rhoades- 1st Asst. Chief
Steve Worhacz Jr.- 2nd Asst Chief
Anthony Shutt- Captain
Riley Fickinger- Lieutenant
Deron Ludwig- Firefighter
Brandon Buffington-Firefighter/EMT

Description of Incident:

On 9/28/15 the West End Fire Co. #3 (WEFC) was dispatched by Schyulkill County 911 to the area of 4408 Clarks Valley Road in Rush Twp. Dauphin County to a report MVA with entraptment. WEFC responded with Rescue and Engine 647 with 7 total personnel. WEFC arrived on scene to find a single vehicle on its side into a tree down a slight embankment, with one person heavily trapped in the vehicle. The pt. head was sticking out of the vehicles rear drivers side window and in between 2 trees. Rescue 647 went to work with stabilizing the vehicle using rescue struts and cribbing. The crew then went to work on freeing the pt. by using the AMKUS rescue system and various hand tools and power tools. WEFC used the AMKUS portable Power unit, 32in spreaders, AMK-22 Cutter, and speedway cutters. WEFC had to remove the front part of the roof to gain access to the passenger compartment. We had to then make some cuts around the pt. head to free his upper body from the vehicle. The crew then had to work to free his lower body which was done by moving his legs from under the dash. Pt. had head, neck, back, and chest pain, shortness of breath, numbness in the lower extremities, and facial lacerations, as well as 2 moments of loss of consciousness. Pt. was awake alert and oriented x4 when removed from the vehicle, fully immobilized to a long board and handed over to EMS where he was transported to an awaiting helicopter.

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