Swansboro EMS/Rescue Squad, Inc

Incident Information

Date of Incident:


People Involved in Providing Assistance to Incident:

Swansboro EMS/Rescue Squad, Inc
Chief Matthew Hayslip
Asst Chief Kenny Jackson
LT Tommy Rafferty
EMT-P Matthew Anderson
EMT-B Lisa Glancy
Hubert VFD
Asst Chief Joe Williams
Capt Andy Papp
Capt Sam Potter
Lt Julian Archie
FF Arkeem Young
FF Pete Skrobot
FF Wes Ellis
FF Ashley Matthews

Description of Incident:

At approx 2109 hrs on 4 July 2014 Swansboro EMS/Rescue Squad, Inc were dispatched to the area of 491 Smith Road for a reported 29-D-2-P, motor vehicle accident rollover with entrapment. Swansboro EMS/Rescue Squad responded with G-07 Rescue QRV, G-08 Rescue Truck, and Chief G-01. Upon arrival of Fire Command Hubert VFD 802 confirmed one victim entrapped in the vehicle with heavy front end damage upright and into a group of trees. Swansboro EMS/Rescue Squad Asst Chief Kenny Jackson arrived on location with G-07 and deployed gas powered unit. G-08 arrived and deployed cutter and spreader on hose reels. Driver door was forced open and clear of the car.Driver side rear door was removed. “B” pillar was also removed to gain access to victim. Victim was c-spined and placed on backboard. Victim was handed over to EMS on scene for transport to helicopter. During the extrication and disentanglement a high pressure line burst on the cutter. The line was abandoned and moved to line on gas powered unit. Hubert VFD brought their gas powered unit up to stage as a secondary due to a line failure.

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