Swansboro EMS/ Rescue Squad, Inc

Incident Information

Date of Incident:


People Involved in Providing Assistance to Incident:

Swansboro EMS/Rescue Squad, Inc
Chief Matthew Hayslip
Asst Chief Julian Archie
Rescuer Wes Ellis
EMT-B Jakob Hansen
Swansboro Fire Dept
Lt Steven Sanchez
Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Dept
Chief Brian Romans

Description of Incident:

On 13 Jan 2015 at or about 1753 hrs. Swansboro Rescue along with Swansboro Fire Dept. and Bear Creek VFD were dispatched for a reported 29D4V, motor vehicle accident with entrapment multiple patients, in the area of the high school. It was a wet and cold night with temps rapidly dropping, freezing rain and frozen road conditions were expected that night. Swansboro Rescue responded with G08 Rescue Truck, G07 Rescue QRV, and G14 Medical QRV. Swansboro Fire responded with Ladder 1717. Bear Creek VFD responded with Engine 205, Service 211, and Chief 200. First arriving units reported 1 vehicle, #1, with major damage patient entrapped and 1 vehicle, #2, with moderate damage patient entrapped. Crew from Ladder 1717 pulled the spreader preconnect from G08 and began work on vehicle number 2. Crews from G08 and G07 pulled the gas pump, cutter, and spreader off G07 for work on vehicle number 1. Extrication start time was 1806 on vehicle number one and 1807 on vehicle number 2, and Extrication stop time for both vehicles was 1820. Patients removed from vehicles and transported to local hospitals.

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