Susquehanna DLA Fire Department

Incident Information

Date of Incident:


People Involved in Providing Assistance to Incident:

Chris Weidenhammer
Kyle Gingerich
Scott Baker
Clayton Bugey
Greg Handley
Tony Marks
Nevin Marks
Tony Mika
Richard Seneca
Hanna Shoffner
Mike Stone
Robert Timko
Robert Welsh
Ryan Welsh
John Fogg
Kelly Andres
Kevin Doud
Dan Hogan

Description of Incident:

Rescue 69 was dispatched for¬†mutual aid to Fairview Township for a report of an accident with entrapment at 352 Marsh Run Road. While responding, conflicting information put the accident on the turnpike in the area of mile marker 245 which left the turnpike over the bank. PD advised best access would be from the turnpike. Crews re-directed onto the turnpike and arrived confirming the accident at I76 turnpike west mile marker 245.0. Rescue 69 established command and confirmed one trapped in a tractor trailer on its side over the bank and up against a bridge abutment. Chief 68 (Weidenhammer) arrived along with Rescue 68 and Engine 68. Command was transferred to Chief 68 and Rescue 69 took on the rescue group with assistance from Rescue 68. The trailer load was determined to non-hazardous and personnel noted a substantial fuel leak from the tractor in the area of the entrapped patient. Rescue 69 requested Engine 68 to deploy a hand line for protection and a dry chemical extinguisher was stationed near the extrication. Crews removed the driver’s side door of the tractor, removed the steering wheel, and used a ram to push the dash and footwell apart. The patient was removed with serious injuries and transferred to Fairview EMS for transport to the hospital. Because of the nature of injuries, the medic (Andres) from Rescue 69 accompanied the EMS crew to the hospital and provide additional care and medical support as needed. With no further services required, Rescue 69 returned to the station without incident. Crews from both Rescue 68 and Rescue 69 operated with Amkus tools and had four tools in simultaneous operation to ensure an efficient and successful rescue of the entrapped occupant.

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