Somerset Fire & Rescue Co. No. 1

Incident Information

Date of Incident:


People Involved in Providing Assistance to Incident:

Chief Brian Sudo, Capt. Chris Gianotto Lt. Matt Gardner, Lt. Dave Summers, Chief Engineer Jeff Eriksen, Engineer Luis Mansilla, Past Chief William King, Past Chief Charles Maria, Firefighters Nick Mayo, Anthony Mayo, Chris Marsh, Tim Bodner, Charlie Watts.

Description of Incident:

On July 29, 2016 a single car MVC occurred at approximately 19:47 hrs during a heatwave in NJ. The vehicle came off pavement into a soft shoulder. The driver over-corrected and crossed into the oncoming lane on a two lane road. The driver then attempted correct the vehicle which then caused the vehicle to enter a spin and cross back into the original lane of travel. The vehicle then left the roadway on the right shoulder into a drainage culvert which caused the vehicle to impact a utility pole while on its side. The vehicle vertically stuck the pole squarely across both “A” posts. The impact caused the driver’s door and dash to enter the passengers compartment. The dash entrapped the driver’s lower legs and the driver’s door folded in and window frame surrounded the driver’s knee and thigh. We used the following Amkus equipment: (2) AMK-30CRT cutters, AMK 22 cutters. 60″ Ram, 30″ ram, all powered by the Amkus Ultimate system. The speed light weight and smooth cutting operation allowed some very intricate cutting to free the patient’s knee. The immediate power of the Amkus tools made it very easy to finish a tricky 50 minute extrication.

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