Las Vegas Motor Speedway Safety Crew

Incident Information

Date of Incident:


People Involved in Providing Assistance to Incident:

Bud Hertig – EMT/EMS Director, John Campbell – Firefighter/AEMT, Jason Bolden – Firefighter, Jeff Hammer – Firefighter, Margaret Crawford – AEMT, Kyle Parker – EMT, Chris Surowiec – Recovery Specialist, Adam Matson – Recovery Specialist

Description of Incident:

During the Legends Car main event held at the Bullring @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway on September 13, 2015 at approximately 1220 there was a two car crash in turn #2. One car had spun and the second car driven by a 50 year old male driver made contact resulting in the second car becoming airborne and crashing roof first into the concrete retaining wall/catch fence and then flipping down the track eventually landing upside down on its roof.
The Safety Crew was immediately dispatched to the accident scene. The vehicle was quickly righted onto its wheels and the medical team went to work accessing the driver’s condition. The driver was unconscious and entrapped in the cockpit of the race car as a result of the damage and intrusion of the roll cage. The Safety Crew immediately deployed the Amkus Speedway Cutters to remove the roll cage surrounding the driver. Once the roof was removed the medics were able to safely stabilize the driver and remove him from the car and place him on a backboard and transfer him to the waiting ambulance for transport to the local trauma center.
The driver was treated and released later that night with minor non-life threatening injuries.

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