Iredell County Rescue Squad, Inc.

Incident Information

Date of Incident:


People Involved in Providing Assistance to Incident:

Iredell Co. Rescue Squad
Dee McWhorter Captain
Bill Sherrill, Deputy Chief
Stewart Sherrill, Senior Member
Andrew Donawa, Senior Trainee
Justin Combs, Asst. Chief
Taivon Boyd, Senior Trainee
Tyler Robinson, Junior Member
David Crump, Asst. Chief

Stony Point Fire Department
James Abernathy, Captain
Chad Cockrell, Asst. Chief
Jacob Abernathy, Firefighter
Colby Cockrell, Junior Member
Justin Combs, Firefighter
Jason Cloer, Firefighter
Andrew Johnson, Firefighter

Description of Incident:

Iredell Co. Rescue Squad and Stony Point Fire Department were dispatched to a report of a motor vehicle crash with a reported pin in. First arriving personnel arrived to find a Jeep Patriot had left the roadway and struck a tree head on. The driver was the sole occupant of the vehicle and was severely pinned by the steering wheel, dash and floorboard. The vehicle was stabilized with stair cribbing, 4×4’s and wedges. Once stabilized, the drivers door was removed to gain little access to the patient. We utilized rams and spreaders to push the dash and floorboard away from the patient and he was then partially free on his left side. More metal was cut away with the cutters and the spreaders were again used to completely free his left leg. The roof of the car was removed by a different crew and we then discovered that his right leg was also pinned by the dash. A combination of rams were then used in this area to push metal away from his right leg. The only thing then holding the patient in the vehicle was his shoe which was cut away and his foot was then free. Patient was loaded onto an awaiting helicopter and flown to a trauma center. Equipment was returned to respective vehicles and all units returned to service.

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