Iredell County Rescue Squad and West Iredell Fire Department

Incident Information

Date of Incident:


People Involved in Providing Assistance to Incident:

Iredell County Rescue Squad:
Jody Sherrill, Deputy Chief
Brandon Robinson, Senior Member
Tyler Robinson, Junior Member
Stewart Sherrill, Senior Member
David Mayes, Assistant Chief
Donnie Perry, Chief
Dee McWhorter, Captain

West Iredell Fire Department
Jerry Houston, Chief
Kyle Brown, Firefighter
Josh Deal, Firefighter
Glenn Kurfees, Deputy Chief
Adam Inman, Firefighter
Ray Pope, Firefighter
Brandon Hedrick, Firefighter
Morgan McCoy, Firefighter
Jeff Rosenbalm, Firefighter
Thomas Alexander, Firefighter

Description of Incident:

Iredell County Rescue Squad and West Iredell Fire Department were dispatched to a pickup truck overturned into a creek. Upon our arrival, we found a single patient pinned inside the truck which indeed was overturned off of a bridge and into a creek. The patient was pinned in two ways – his head was pinned when the roof collapsed on the truck and both of his legs were pinned beneath he dash of the truck. The Amkus spreaders were used to remove the door and the half door from the truck to gain access to the patient. The Amkus super cutters were utilized to cut the metal from where his head was pinned to free this part of his body. The Amkus cutters were again used to make needed relief cuts and then the Amkus rams (all sizes) were used to push the dash and the floor away from both of his legs. At this point the patient was free and was removed to a helicopter for flight to a trauma center.

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