Constantia Volunteer Fire Department

Incident Information

Date of Incident:


People Involved in Providing Assistance to Incident:

Chiefs: John Haynes-801 Chad Whitney-802

Rescue Engine 812
Driver: Dick Dupre
Officer: Lt. David Lavigne
Crew: FF/EMT Sean Baird
FF/EMT Curtis Rouse
FF/EMT Russ Tompkins
EMT Stefanie Rienhardt

Heavy Rescue 861
Driver: Bill Krause
Officer: Captain Dillon Kinsey
Crew: Lt. Michael Haynes
FF Mike Manning
FF Richard Krause

Light Rescue 862
FF/ EMT Liz Cook
FF Brad Santamour

Fire Police: Dave Potter

Description of Incident:

On the evening of March 26, 2017 at approximately 22:02 hours the Constantia Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to a reported one car Motor Vehicle Crash. The vehicle had exited the roadway and rolled into a large tree which crushed the car’s roof trapping the passenger side occupant. The Driver was partially ejected through the windshield and was able to remove himself prior to the arrival of fire units. Upon his arrival, Chief John Haynes (801) confirmed that heavy extrication would be required for the front seat passenger. Assistant Chief Chad Whitney (802) assumed operations and ordered the crew of rescue engine 812 to begin extrication on the passenger side of the car. 812’s crew, Driver Dick Dupre, Sean Baird, Curtis Rouse, and Russ Tompkins led by Lieutenant David Lavigne operated preconnected AMKUS combi tool and cutter powered by an onboard electric pump as well as a 30″ spreader which was powered by a portable dual pump. EMT Stephine Rienhardt was assigned with providing medical care to the driver. Heavy Rescue 861’s crew, Driver Bill Krause, Lieutenant Mike Haynes, FF Mike Manning, and FF Richard Krause led by Captain Dillon Kinsey arrived immediately following 812. Captain Kinsey was instructed to put his preconnected AMKUS cutters and spreaders into service on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Light rescue 862 Brad Santamour and EMT Liz Cook were third due and provided additional manpower. EMT Russ Tompkins and Fire Police Dave Potter provided Medical aid to the passenger during the extrication. Together 812, 861, and 862’s crews were able to extricate the victim in 16 minutes, removing the roof, windshields (front and rear) and rear doors. The patient was turned over to North Shore Ambulance for transport .

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