Cherryhill Township Volunteer Fire Company

Incident Information

Date of Incident:


People Involved in Providing Assistance to Incident:

Fire Chief Jody Rainey Command
Assistant Chief Jason Geneva Scene Safety Officer
Captain Zoltan Sabo Rescue Operations Officer
Lieutenant/Paramedic Tim Mihoerck Patient Care
Lieutenant/EMT Zac Trimble Patient Care
Engineer Bill Cochran Rescue Apparatus Operator
Fire Police Captain Jerry Dick Scene Safety- Traffic Control
Firefighter/EMT Jimmy Barber Rescue Operations
Firefighter Brian Keith Rescue Operations
Firefighter Bobie Sue Clawson Rescue Operations
Firefighter Dan Silvis Rescue Operations
Firefighter Dan Smoker Rescue Operations
Junior Firefighter Phil Crook III Tool Advancement & Staging
Junior Firefighter Mark Sturgeon Tool Advancement & Staging
Junior Firefighter Nathan Rainey Tool Advancement & Staging

Description of Incident:

On November 30, 2013 at 21:52 hours Cherryhill Township Station 240 was dispatched for a MVA with unknown injuries or entrapment. 240 Chief Jody Rainey arrived on scene and established command. 240 Command reported a passenger vehicle into the woods with one patient who was partially ejected through the windshield with lower body entrapment with large trees and heavy underbrush being obstacles to vehicle access.

Rescue 242 driven by Engineer Bill Cochran arrived on scene. Captain Zoltan Sabo as ranking officer on Rescue 242 was assigned rescue operations officer. A crew consisting of Lieutenant/EMT Zac Trimble and Firefighters Bobie Sue Clawson and Dan Silvis advanced an Amkus Cutter and Spreader to the vehicle driver side while Junior Firefighters Nathan Rainey, Phil Crook III and Mark Sturgeon established a tool staging area and advanced a variety of lighting and support tools. QRS Squad 244 arrived on scene with Assistant Chief Jason Geneva assigned scene safety officer and FF/EMT Jimmy Barber & FF’s Brian Keith and Dan Smoker taking passenger side for rescue operations.

Captain Sabo ordered a driver side door removal with the Amkus Spreader to gain patient access by Lieutenant/Paramedic Tim Mihoerck and Lieutenant/EMT Zac Trimble. As crews began to assess the patient and full extent of patient entrapment a roof flap was ordered, and performed by Firefighters Brian Keith, Dan Smoker and Dan Silvis making relief cuts ahead of the B Posts on both sides of the vehicle to gain better patient access and to prepare for a possible vertical extrication based on the obstacles created by the final resting position of the vehicle.

A dash push with the Amkus Ram was ordered to free lower extremities. It was determined to remove the patient through the driver side opening. The patient was extricated through the driver door opening and transported via medical helicopter to a regional trauma center and has since been released and expected to make a full recovery.

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