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2017 Price Adjustments

     It has been over 2 years since the last AMKUS pricing adjustment, and while some items are increasing in 2017, we are happy to inform you that the increases are minimal. For some components like hose reels and tool mounting kits, we have even dropped prices significantly. 

2017 Price List Overview:

  • The new pricing becomes effective on May 1, 2017.
  • The price list contains the new part numbers that have been in use since AMKUS joined TFT, as well as the original AMKUS part numbers for reference purposes.
  • Several new products introduced over the last 12 months are now included in the price list:
    • ION Battery Powered Rescue Tools
    • RescueStrut Packages, Accessories and Parts
    • 50 Ton Lifting Jack
    • KS0017 Gator Grip Tip (Available in April)
    • KEH015-KIT Lighted Handles Kits
    • KV005-KIT Control Valve Grip Upgrade Kit
  • The price on hose reels has been decreased by nearly 10%. Hose reel assemblies (reel, reel to tool connection hose, and pump to reel connection hoses) are no longer listed as a complete assembly. Instead these items are listed individually on the price list. To price and order please select and list the three components individually. While we are changing how these items are ordered, we will continue shipping these items fully assembled.
  • The list price on Tool Mounting Kits has been decreased by nearly $100 to make the pricing more competitive and comparable to similar products on the market.

Excel and PDF files with the new part numbers, descriptions and pricing for tools, struts, power units, accessories, as well as replacement parts can be found below-

2017 Finished Goods AMKUS Price Sheet.PDF

2017 Finished Goods and Part Price List.Excel

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