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  • GH2B-MCH FRONT PLAINAMKUS Rescue Systems is proud to introduce our latest innovation in high performance extrication tools and equipment, the GH2B-MCH Mini Power Unit.

    The GH2B-MCH offers two tool simultaneous operation with “BOOST” mode.   When in alternate operation, “BOOST” mode will increase tool speed in both pump stages.  Weighing in at approximately 58 lbs., the compact unit offers a carrying handle and is very portable.  In addition, the modular design reduces the time required for service.

    For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact AMKUS at 1-800-592-6587.

  • AMKUS Rescue Systems now offers a single connection coupler.

    The mono coupling allows connecting and disconnecting of tools while the line is under flow (in most cases it’s not necessary to place the directional control of the power unit in the neutral position). The mono coupling can convert standard AMKUS twin line hoses into a single connection allowing customers to retrofit existing AMKUS Rescue tools. For more information, contact AMKUS 630-515-1800, visit or contact your local dealer to schedule a demonstration or conversion.

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  • AMK - 22The AMK-22 C.O.T (Cutter of Tomorrow) combines more power with a proven blade design. The AMK-22 Cutter is designed to handle the stronger materials used in new model vehicles, such as Boron Steel, Martensite, and other high strength steels. The AMK-22 features a 360 degree rotating handle with 8 locking positions allowing the rescuer to position the handle for natural hand placement at any angle of attack.

    For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact AMKUS at 1-800-59-AMKUS.

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  • AMK-21AAMKUS Rescue Systems introduces the NEW AMK-21A Cutter with increased cutting capability. The new and improved version of the AMK-21 Cutter offers a new style cutting blade and maintains its UNIQUE 360 degree rotating handle. The design of the blades provides increased cutting capability and a higher NFPA performance level rating. Departments can specify the position of the control valve – left, right or centered in relation to the cutting blades – at the time of ordering. It delivers the cutting power needed for automotive application in a remarkably compact package.

    For more information, contact AMKUS 1-800-59-AMKUS.

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  • New 30CRT Spreader

    Sunday, September 23, 2018

    30CRT SpreaderAMKUS Rescue Systems (Downers Grove, IL USA) is proud to introduce their NEW AMK-30CRT Spreader based on their legendary field-proven AMK-30CX spreader. It incorporates the innovative push-button removable tip design that has made the AMK-24 spreader one of the most successful product launches in AMKUS’ 30+ year history. With the addition of the optional extended reach tips (part # 39000001010) the AMK-30CRT creates an amazing 40 inches of spread.

    The AMK-30CRT is sold either as a completely new unit or as an upgrade package for current owners of the original AMK-30CX. The upgrade package includes new arms and tips at a specially discounted price. Extended reach tips are available as optional equipment for both.

  • Extended Reach Tips now Available

    Sunday, September 23, 2018

    24_3All new from AMKUS- Extended Reach Tips (Patent Pending) for the AMK-24 Spreader provide an additional 8 inches of spread. The unique construction of these tips eliminates loss of power while providing extended reach and the push button pins eliminate losing pins in the field.

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  • New Rope Rescue System

    Sunday, September 23, 2018

    Rope Rescue SystemAMKUS Rescue Systems (Downers Grove, IL USA) is proud to introduce their NEW ROPE RESCUE SYSTEM. The advanced design deploys in under two minutes, eliminating pulley systems and load releasing hitches while greatly reducing the number of rescuers needed topside from 8-10 to just two! It is easy to use, requiring less training than traditional rope rescue methods thanks to the incredibly simple design. Unlike other belaying devices, THE AMKUS ROPE RESCUE SYSTEM passes knots with ease.

    The AMKUS ROPE RESCUE SYSTEM is designed to improve the safety of both rescuer and victim in dangerous high angle rescue operations with a 1,000 lb. working capacity with a 10:1 safety margin and an instant stop / zero shock loading system. It features a precise control which allows the load to be raised or lowered by a fraction of an inch at a time for critical positioning. It also creates a more organized incident scene with fewer elements to contend with and fewer technicians to coordinate.

    AMKUS also manufactures a complete line of high performance hydraulic rescue tools and extrication equipment including: spreaders, cutters, combination tools, rams and power units.

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  • New Additions!

    Sunday, September 23, 2018

    amk_24AMKUS is proud to introduce two new additions to our product line. The AMK-21 Cutter and the AMK-24 Spreader offer features that provide rescuers with more options in the field.

    Specifications are available on the website and you may contact your local dealer to schedule a demonstration.

    For more product information on the AMK-21 Cutter click here.

    For more product information on the AMK-24 Spreader click here.

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