It’s the kind of entrepreneurial story that seems to be quintessentially American. A German immigrant lands at an unanticipated midlife crossroads, only to turn that seeming misfortune into a tremendous opportunity that continues to thrive beyond his wildest hopes.

When longtime railroad executive George Weigand suddenly found himself out of a job, he looked to his homeland connections, and began a business to import German-made hydraulic tools. His efforts were well-timed and his business became a success. When the German company had a new product they wanted to introduce to the States – a high pressure hydraulic rescue tool – they looked to George to import and market it.

George found a receptive audience for the product within the fire and rescue community, but when relationships with the German company changed, George had his next epiphany – he’d manufacture the rescue tools himself. The financial risk was not small, but just like any visionary who’s made a leap of faith, George put his future on the line and put his heart into his business. It’s from those beginnings that AMKUS developed and eventually grew into one of the most revered and trusted names in the rescue equipment industry.




With decades of experience and a renewed commitment to innovation, Amkus continues to develop and manufacture a wide range of hydraulic and battery powered rescue tools and products that are the industry standard for fire rescue and racing teams around the world.

In 2016 Amkus Rescue Systems was acquired by Task Force Tips. With the acquisition came a promise to carry on the proud traditions of quality, service and dependability and to integrate a renewed passion for developing innovative new products and delivering world-class support. New products include the ION battery powered rescue tool line as well as hand powered hydraulic lifting struts through the acquisition of 911 Tools.

The current AMKUS facility, located in Valparaiso, Indiana is staffed with skilled machinists and dedicated workers, you’ll find the AMKUS mission statement in evidence throughout: “Life is the most precious possession we have. At AMKUS our mandate is to give rescue people the tools to save human life.”

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